What people say when they make a mistake on the road because of the rain

Social Media

On a chosen date Rain X will partner with Facebook

When users log onto their facebook accounts, the browser window will looked foggy and wet with water droplets

Confused, users will try to fixed the foggy screen by closing out and logging back in

The second time users log in, a small message will pop up on the screen that reads “Hold down the X key, & click to clear the rain off your window”

When users follow the provided instructions, a small Rain X bottle will appear and clear off the screen


A rollercoaster machine in middle of the city you sit in 

Person goes in and it gives you options of rain x and not rain-x

One has a blurry vision of the things in front and it shows cars coming at you, running through red lights beeping, running over things 

The version with rain-x shows a clear fun way through the city